Taqseem e Jaidad kay Islami Usool By Mufti Abubakr Jabir Qasmi تقسیم جائیداد کے اسلامی اصول

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Hajj kay Masail ka Encyclopedia By Mufti Inamul Haq Qasmi حج کے مسائل کا انسائیکلوپیڈیا

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Hazrat Abu Huraira [R.A] kay 100 Qissay By Maulana Shoaib Sarwar حضرت ابو ھریرہؓ کے سو قصے

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Drinking Milk After Eating Fish 🔵 Ubqari Knowledge

مچھلی کھانے کے بعد دودھ پینا کیسا ہے۔ کیا اس سے پھلبیری کی بیماری لگتی ہے۔؟ When it is safe to cook fish with milk derivatives, it can be safely concluded that having curd or buttermilk with fish or drinking milk or eating milk-based puddings after eating fish does not cause adverse side-effects such as patchy skin.
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Mere Tibbi Razon Ka Khazana

Mere Tibbi Razon Ka Khazana

By Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi read online or download in PDF format and find a health tips book in Urdu language. Mere Tibbi Razon Ka Khazana is authored by Hakeem Muhammad Tariq Mehmood Majzoobi, he is a very popular health article writer in Pakistan. Haqeem Muhammad Tariq is editor of monthly health magazine Ubqari. Many Urdu health books of Haqeem Tariq Mehmood are published in printed format and easily available in local book markets.

We are going to build largest Urdu books library, where you can read online and download health books in Urdu language, you can also share these Urdu health books with your friends through social media sharing buttons which are available on each page. This time you are watching another beautiful book Mere Tibbi Razon Ka Khazana.

You can read online or download Mere Tibbi Razon Ka Khazana in PDF format using below links. Your feedback and comments will help us to improve our Urdu Novels collection.


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