A Gift for Muslim Bride By Shaykh Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed

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4 thoughts on “A Gift for Muslim Bride By Shaykh Muhammad Haneef Abdul Majeed

  1. Dr. Muhammed Majeed is an innate of Kollam district in Kerala. He completed his B Pharm degree from the Medical College, Trivandrum. After that in 1975, he went to US for pursuing higher education. There he also worked for some of the famous pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Carter Wallace and Paco Research. He continued his studies along with the job and attained Ph.D. in the stream of Industrial Pharmacy in 1986 from St. John’s University in New York. Many research projects were successfully completed during his career period and he earned appreciated experience in the most important and newer technologies developing in the drug manufacturing industry.

  2. Dr. Muhammed Majeed gained more than 15 years of research experience working with some of the major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer, Paco Research and Carter Wallace. In 1988, he started Sabinsa Corporation – a nutraceutical and pharmaceutical promoting company which also gives importance to all types of research works. As far as Dr. Majeed was considered the transition from researcher to a business person was really challenging. But he came up with flying colors in the industry. Sabinsa Corporation is New Jersy based and has more than 60 employees presently.

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