Now Learn Quran by Sitting at home! A book which we have revealed to you (Muhammad PBUH) so that you may lead the people from out of the darknesses into the light by their Lord’s leave, to the path of the Almighty, the Praiseworthy. [Quran 14:1]


Schoo of Quran is non-partisan organization. We are not part of any group, Islamic organization or mosques. We welcome all students interested in learning Quran. Lets read Quran is a team of dedicated workers who work at their level best to provide our students the best quality of Islamic education at the comfort of their home.


You Need only:
1- Personal laptop or Computer
2- DSL or Cable Broadband connection
3- Headset for the communication

Communication Software:
Skype which is quality internet telephone software’s for the voice conversation

Screen Sharing Software:
mikogo will be installed for screen sharing from us from which you can see your lessons from our computer on your computer screen during classes.


Reading and reflecting over the Quran fulfils an Islamic duty.
There are ten rewards for each letter you recite from the Quran.
Your position in Paradise is determined by the amount of Quran you memorize in this life!
The Quran will be a proof for us on the Day of Judgment.
Lets read Quran is the best solution for busy families to manage for online Quran learning classes.
Reading Quran Provides a best pathway to God.



2 thoughts on “LEARN QURAN AT HOME!

  1. No Doubt The Quran is a complete Guidance for all the Muslims. So we should recite and understand the Quran . As it is the era of new technology so i use a Quran application to read rtranslation recite it and listen to it .. The app is named as “Quran Reading” i think every muslim should use this application so that the whole Quran remains in the palm of opuyr hand all the time ..

    Download Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.QuranReading.qurannow

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